***This is currently NOT a public process. It is ONLY available to people in this group as a stopgap while Kickstarter develops its public process. We have been granted permission to disseminate this to our community, but we cannot give permission for anyone in the community to share beyond it. Please do not share this information with anyone. If this gets distributed widely, we are concerned that they are likely to shut it down before it becomes a formal process.***

Here is the direction we have given from Kickstarter:


"So. Pen names can now be used by request, and to do so, the author must verify their legal identity directly with a member of T&S through a secure link they'll be sent. Once this is done, KSR will change their "verified identity" to their pen name. This can only be done on a project that's been fully completed in build or launched, and the creator must have already verified their legal identity with Stripe. 

To do this, the author should use the help center form linked in this article. That will send the request directly to T&S / legal. They should include the reason they want to use a pen name -- the example I gave was "I write erotic romance which could get me fired from my dayjob" and they said that would be fine; they don't need any deeply personal details that would make anyone feel uncomfortable. T&S says they'll likely respond within 24 hours and will take them through the process from there."


Once this happens, then you should receive an email like this [links and specifics redacted]. This is only for instruction and your email might differ.

Hi there!
Kickstarter's Trust and Safety Team here! Thank you so much for your patience. We take the safety and well-being of our community very seriously, and we're happy to try and help with this situation.
To proceed with this option, we ask that you please provide the following documents:
Please upload (via the secure link below):
1. a scan or legible photo of your valid government issued ID;
2. a photo of yourself holding up a sheet of paper which reads the following number:
[REDACTED]. We ask that you please include your entire face in this photo.
We just need this information to ensure that you're the current verified identity requesting this change. 

In efforts to keep your documents secure, please upload your file(s) here [LINK REDACTED].
Thank you for your patience,
Kickstarter Trust and Safety


Once you do that, you should get email instructions like the below:

Please keep in mind, if you view the private project preview associated with your latest project, unfortunately, it will not reflect your updated name, however, once you launch your project it will be reflected.
In the future, if you want to launch additional projects, we will need you to build the project and verify under your legal names for compliance purposes. Once your project has been approved, before you launch, please reply to this email or open a new ticket so we can verify your identity internally and from there, change your verified name before you launch.

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