Write a great novel

Master character creation, structure, plot, prose, editing, and more in order to write a great book more quickly than ever before.

  • Are you struggling to finish your novel?
  • Does it take you years to write a book?
  • Do you lack confidence in your writing?

Then Write a Great Novel is for you. I've written 20+novels since 2012, including 15 in 2018 alone. Authors always ask me how I write such good novels as quickly as I do repeatedly.

This course is the answer.

It's everything I've learned from writing my first 20+ novels. Not only do I give you my secrets to creating characters and building structure, but I give you the tips, tricks, and hacks I've found to write better books faster.

When I first started writing, it took me almost a year to write a single book, and now I can write a book of much better quality in just a couple of weeks.

Yes, it takes practice, but there are simple ways in which you can writer faster, better books right now. Whether you struggle with structure, characters, or anything else related to your writing, this course can help streamline your process and help you make the best work of your life.

Look, there are a LOT of writing courses out there, including many created by author more famous than I am, so what makes this course different?

Write a Great Novel doesn't focus on theory, it focuses on the practices that I use to create every book I write. I've built a simple, effective system which allows me to write book after book systematically, while still keeping it fun for both the reader and myself.

Write a Great Novel is taught in an easy to follow manner which you can implement immediately and start getting results from as early as today. Most authors aren't teachers, and most teachers aren't prolific authors. I am both.

Most courses give you a lot of theory behind their work, and make writing a novel seem daunting. This course simplifies and demystifies the process of writing so that anybody can confidently write a great novel quickly and effectively.

Most importantly, this course is taught by me.

If you want to learn my process, then this is the only place to do it. If you want to learn the theory behind writing, then this isn't the course for you. If you want a simple, effective system which will have you making the best books of your life, then this is your course.

Dozens of companies have trusted me to teach their creatives, and you can trust me, too. You check out some of them below.

I took Russel Nohelty’s writing course, excited to learn what he had to teach regarding craft. I love learning, especially when it comes to writing, plotting, structure, and characters, so I’m relatively confident in my knowledge of different ways to improve.

I expected a direct and simple way to apply concepts I was already familiar with. Russell’s course completely blew me away. Each video had something new - a new technique, a new perspective, a new strategy - I could implement immediately.

And I did.

This course takes you on a journey, starting with ideas and how to cull ideas and which ones to focus on (something I hadn’t found in my extensive reading and course-taking).

It’s definitely worth the time and investment because it’s more than just about the writing itself but developing a process that you can depend on, help you achieve confidence not only in your writing but yourself as a creative, and produce your best writing.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Russell! I’m very excited to start the process for my next book!

- Isadora Brown, USA Today Bestselling Author, Stranger at Dark

What I love about Russell’s new course on Writing A Great Novel, is it’s everything you need if you want to start writing seriously.

The basics are broken down into simple steps as he discusses all the avenues you can take from point of view, character relationships, plot structure, all the way down to scenes per chapter.

It’s a full-on crash course on writing curated by a USA Today Bestselling author. Even as an accomplished author myself, I’ve learned things from this course that I will take with me far into my writing career.

This class is not one you want to skip.

Consider it a life raft, pull yourself out of the water, away from the noise of the sea, and actually walk away with useful information. I wish he had this course two years ago, it was everything I was looking for that I never found.

J.L. Gipson, Author, The Effect Trilogy

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Your Instructor

Russell Nohelty
Russell Nohelty

I am a USA Today bestselling author, book marketing expert, audience growth hacker, Kickstarter guru, and all around lover of creative humans.

I love creatives.


Down to my core I am passionate about people who create. That’s not just artists or writers either. I’m talking about tech entrepreneurs, business owners, electricians, musicians, and anybody that’s got a passion to bring something new into the world.

They are the crazy people. The wonderfully crazy people. My kind of people. But there’s a problem with all of us.

It’s not that we are crazy. It’s not that we’re passionate. It’s not that we’re knowledgeable about what we do. No. We’ve got all of that.

The problem is that we have no idea how to put it all together into a beautiful package people want to buy, and we don't know how to find those people, grow our audience, and thrive as creatives.

I’ll tell you, people WANT what you have to sell.

They NEED what you have to sell. You just have to know how to give people what they want. That’s why I’m here.

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