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Join USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR RUSSELL NOHELTY as he teaches you how to grow a rabid audience hungry to buy your products without feeling gross about it!

  • Are you a creative who's sick of agonizing to make enough money?
  • Have you spent years banging your head against a brick wall, trying to make it work with little success to show for it?
  • Are you struggling to connect with a fan base of excited customers?

Then Build a Rabid Fanbase is for you! This course was created with one question in mind:

What would I go back and tell my past self that would take years off my own struggle and make me a successful creative without wasting time, energy, effort, and money?

This course was the answer to that question. It's a practical guide to everything I needed to know in order to get the six figure creative business I run today.

I've spent the last decade building my creative writing business from just a few thousand dollars a year into a successful six-figure business without using fan art, licensing products, or relying on public domain characters. In that time, I have become a USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter, and grown my email list to tens of thousands of rabid fans.

I've written novels, graphic novels, non-fiction books, and even drawn avant garde comics. No matter what I write, all my books make money.

Best of all, every dollar I've made comes from characters that I created out of my own head...and I want to show you how to do it, too. It is possible. You can be successful in your own creative career.

I built this curriculum from the ground up with the struggling creative in mind. With most courses, you not only pay for the course, but then have to invest thousands of dollars before seeing any results from it!

Not this course.

This is all about the tricks, tips, and hacks you can use TODAY, to increase your customer base and exponentially increase your sales IMMEDIATELY without a massive upfront investment!

Inside this course you'll learn how to:

  • Find the perfect client in ten minutes of work.
  • Make the perfect product your audience is dying to buy, without any guess work.
  • Build your audience and make more money as your fan base grows.

And much, much more.

I've taught these same tactics at conventions and schools across the country, but this is the first time I've brought them all together in an easy-to-follow course packed with value. Here are just a couple of companies that have trusted me to teach their creatives.

Your Build a Rabid Fanbase course is a LIFE CHANGER. I’m sure I’m going to have to watch it like 20 times to absorb everything. I’m still mind blown about the customer avatar thing. It’s freaking brilliant. Seriously. And I’m not a planner by nature, but I like what working on the strategic planning is doing for me. Like...WOW.

-Chelsea Clemmons Moye (The Book Reviewer’s Journal)

"I took this course when I was a new author, a fledgling in the world of indie publishing. I didn't have a book out yet, I didn't have social media accounts, I barely even had a website. What I had was half of a manuscript, and a dream. I stumbled upon Russell's course after I organically discovered his Facebook group and decided I wanted to surround myself with successful people I could model myself after. I was ecstatic to find a course like his that seemed directly tailored to people like me. But I never could have anticipated the true success it brought.

After taking the course and following its instructions to the letter, I had more success when launching my first novel then I ever thought possible. My mailing list exploded from 100 subsribers to over 17,000 by the time I launched. I made back every cent of my expenditures in preorders alone, as a brand new author with zero backlog and zero fanbase.

I'm telling you all of this because I am the solid proof that this course works for anyone, even people like me who had no idea how to even begin to get started on marketing, editing, or publishing a book. In the time since my novel launched this past winter, some issues have been pointed out with the text itself that I will be addressing, but even with its flaws (it was a debut after all) I still had more success in sales and outreach than I ever thought possible—all thanks to Russell.

There is not a more valuable resource out there, especially for the price, and especially with the love and care that was so clearly put into this course. Russell is someone that genuinely wants to see his customers succeed, and it shows. There aren't enough words in the English language to express my gratitude toward not only this course, but also to Russell himself. I genuinely attribute 95% of my success in selling my book and reaching my target audience to this resource alone. You are missing out more than you know if you pass this one up."

-Jessica Schmidt (Echoes of Ember)

I've worked in Advertising and Marketing for over 20 years as a designer
but struggled to grow my audience as an illustrator. It wasn't until taking Russell's course that I started to really understand how marketing works today.

Since taking his course my Twitter and Instagram following has doubled, my Facebook Business page grew more than 300%, my website consistently gets more hits per day and my engagement on all platforms is much higher. And yes, my sales have literally doubled this year.

-Matthew Childers (Moon Hunters)

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If you can only afford one course, make it this one. There are a lot of ones out there that will promise the moon, but barely get you out of the driveway. Build a Rabid Fanbase delivers on everything it promises and then some.

Prior to taking this course, I had one book release with meh results (and that's probably being generous) and a rabid fan base of a whopping zero. My marketing skills were barely enough to convince my six year old to have a candy bar. After going through all the material, I was so energized and confident I could actually get my books infront of the right people and build a fanbase, I hit the ground running. Over the next few months, I vigorously applied everything I'd learned, set what I felt were realistic 12-month and 3-year sales goals I'd be happy to see, and launched The Gorgon Bride in July, 2018. The first month of sales smashed my 3-year goal, stomped on it a few more times, and then sent it through the blender for good measure. I absolutely attribute a huge amount of that book's success to everything Russell provided, and the course is always right along side my recommendation of Joseph Sugarman's "The AdweekCopywriting Handbook" when it comes to effective methods for marketing and brand building.

-Galen Surlak-Ramsey (The Gorgon Bride)

I've taken a lot of courses — Mark Dawson, Nick Stephenson, Rebecca Hamilton, Bryan Cohen, Dean Wesley Smith, Brian Bendis, and a handful of others I don't remember — which means there's not a lot of stuff out there that I haven't run into before. Russell's course has several unique lessons right off the bat that make it valuable: Information on how to find your focus, new-to-me tricks audience-building tricks, even Facebook ad tricks I’d never seen before. It's worth the price, for sure.

-Kris Austen Radcliffe (Monster Born)

How is this course different?

Me, speaking on a panel at San Diego Comic-con

I am a USA Today bestselling author who has been obsessed with creating a successful creative business for years, and let me tell you, there are a lot of business resources out there, but few targeted at running a successful creative business.

The few resources dealing with creative business that do exist are almost always created by either a) academics who've never run a business before or b) business people who've never run a creative business.

Neither of those help you succeed in your own creative path.

Meanwhile, I've built a successful six-figure business selling books and art I've created to people around the world.

That's what makes Build a Rabid Fanbase is different.

Build a Rabid Fanbase was built by USA Today bestselling author who runs a successful creative business. It was create to specifically teach other creatives how to be successful in their own business...based on things that are proven to work RIGHT NOW.

I'm succeeding at running my creative business as you read these words. I have my ear to the ground and my hands inside the guts of my business...and there's one thing I've learned.

Creative businesses don't work like other businesses.

It takes a different type of mindset than you've been taught before, but once you learn it your business will explode. Using these concepts, I've built my company from just a few thousand dollars to over six figures a year, became a USA Today bestselling author, and have raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter alone.

Now, I want to show you how to do it, too.

After taking this course, I was able to clearly identify my customers pain points and what they struggle with. Most importantly, I was able to clarify just how I can help my audience. No more hoping they will buy my product or services, instead, I am now clear in who I can help and how I can help my customers. Thank you Russell for creating a course that takes out the fluff in selling your services online and focuses on creating immense value for your potential and current customers!

-Tara Massan (Forever Be Moved)

Why should you buy it?

Me, speaking with best selling authors Rebecca Moesta, Peter Wacks, and Neo Edmund at Los Angeles Comic Con

This is the ultimate guide to making it as a creative by finding an audience that will love your work. Inside, I'll show you all the secrets to building a massive audience that's rabid to buy from you.

If you are ready to stop struggling and start making more money today, then this course is for you. I spent 10 years and $100,000 getting to where I am today.

  • If all this course did was cut one year off your struggle, would it be worth it?
  • If you could look back in five years and say that this course was responsible for a little bit of your success, would it be worth it?
  • What if this course could save you thousands you will waste on bad marketing and sales tactics? Would that be worth it?

If I had this course ten years ago, I would have saved so much time and money. I would be so much further ahead of where I am now.

Once I learned the path, my business exploded, but it took me a long time to get on the right path.

I don't want that to happen to you.

Let me get you onto the right path, so you can succeed faster than me. Thanks for reading. I look forward to seeing you inside the course.


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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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