You toiled for years to break through all your terrible ideas and found your amazing one...the one everybody is going to need…

…and yet nobody’s buying it.


It’s because nobody knows you exist!

New product creators always think that the world is going to open for them when their product is launched; that they can build a website and put their beautiful product on it, then people will come for sure.

But it doesn’t work that way. It never works that way. Because everybody’s got a great product. Microsoft, Amazon, 3M, and every other company has a great product too.

Those big companies are going to get their attention. They’re going to get their publicity. They have divisions of their company devoted to just building buzz. There’s very little room left to cover your project, especially if there’s no urgency. There’s just too much clutter.
So how can you cut through the clutter when you don’t have a marketing budget, don’t have a dedicated staff and don’t have name recognition? How do you differentiate yourself from the pack?

It’s easy.


The best way to show that you have a great product is to put it on Kickstarter and prove that it’s great. Just by being on the platform gives you amazing visibility IMMEDIATELY.

It’s the single best way to build brand visibility and cut through the clutter that people see every day. But it can’t end there. Now you’ve got a platform. Now you’ve got a landing page. Now you’ve got instant credibility.

Even in a world where there are thousands of Kickstarters running at the same time, just the fact you are on the platform separates you from the millions of projects that aren’t.

Make sure to check out too in order to start your journey on the right foot.